The Red Carpet

Life matters.  Those aha moments that keep the clock turning.  It seems that life wouldn’t be able to role without the little interventions that keep our feet moving. How would you like to explore this more deeply with me?  Grace Godcidents I like to call them.

What do you mean by that?

Grace moments to shape and form us into better people or to bless and guide us. But I suppose this doesn’t exactly make clear what I’m driving at.  Perhaps it would help if I go a step deeper. GRACE.  This, as St. Paul says, is a free gift. This is a direct intervention of something beyond ourselves to grant power and strength beyond natural capability. It is TRUTH that shines brightly to give a heightened understanding and knowledge of something.

So what does this “free gift” of direct intervention do to me?

The simple answer to this is it gives us clearer vision to see how life is.  But it is not always an easy aha.  Sometimes the truth hurts dreadfully. Life is meant to be more than the natural day to day. We were made for more. To be more means to purged, cleansed, set free. We want a perfect paradise with red carpet and all the trappings.

Wait, RED CARPET? Luxury? Some fairy godmother to grant my every wish?

It’s true. I know that I would like life handed to me at times but that isn’t how it works. Paradise exists and it will come but we have to be made worthy to become partakers in this grand place.  But this isn’t a place of materialistic pleasure and sensual lusts.  It’s deeper than that. This side of Heaven is not easy.  It’s not that we have to just work work for this attention and generous beneficence.  We already have the attention and generosity of the Unmoving Mover…the Creator. We are infinitely loved and made in His image and likeness. We were created to share in this divine life. He gives it…and desires our participation and communion.

But I’m not a god. Far from it. I fall very short. How can I be in communion with GOD?

Good question. You can’t ugly sinner on your own effort. That is where graceful merit comes in. This God loves us so much that he desires our co-operation. He desires to help us get there. On our own we fall short by a weak nature. But God desires to make us into new creatures. Intervention is granted to assist us in becoming that fit royalty. But we have a choice though.

Red carpet

Bring it on! Camera flash and limousine is exactly what I’m looking for if I have a ticket in.

Choice is a lot harder than it sounds.  When we open ourselves to the Divine Beneficiary we must be a pure vessel.  Vain delights do not bring pleasure but an aching emptiness and objectifying of people and things. They bring a small distorted and blind reality. We see then that we were created for more. It is precisely in those moments of painful clarity of our sinfulness that we have the chance to receive divine assistance and little by little become better. This existence is more than just a pleasureful experience. We are given a ticket. But how would your host feel if you showed up at an special event in junkie jeans and a shirt of rags? That is exactly what we are. We have to get ready and work out as well as receive help to be fit for the King. That means a little suffering now for glory later.


Yes at times ouch. I agree. Sometimes though the ouchness is a result of our own choice to take the easy way. Sometimes it is the consequence of choosing a life that is self-sheltering and focused on gain. But couldn’t we enjoy the reward MORE if we didn’t have all that clouding our vision to act? It is a pretty empty life focused on the reward only. What about the giver? He won’t give if we don’t open up and we will not become better unless we ask and try to work at being better recipients who don’t squander the richness of his love.


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