New Horizons

Roots go deep.  Patterns go deep.  We are all Methodical people that live from day to day doing the same things. Going the same places and even eating the same things.  Guess what?  Life will continue to roll onward. It will be droll and uncaring if we just go from day to day.  Jesus invites us to something deeper.  Have I peaked your interest?

So much of life just is same old same old.  We get bogged down in that and desire something NEW deep down.  The problem in this day and age is to just keep looking for a quick fix. Instant download of music, netflix, facebook, texting…Google. These are tools not existence!  GO DEEPER!  You are hungry for life.  Start living it with a new perspective.  God wants to walk WITH you every day. He wants to direct your steps to a deep intimacy with HIM!

He is bigger than your problems. Don’t keep looking at them but at him. If my eyes are constantly looking at me I fail!  It takes a broader perspective to keep my focus and my interior drive. Look at the battle of Jericho!  That was a pretty big wall!  How did they win?  Trusting God’s promise. Not just the past but the FUTURE!

Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Complaining just makes life miserable.  Listen to that interior voice/conscience and step towards these things in faith.  God blesses even our tiniest steps!  With thism life starts to roll SLOWER and with LESS tension and MORE PEACE.

Be disciplined in acts that will stretch you to be a better person…whatever that is for you.  Like if you need to loose weight exercise.  If you can’t be on time for something set little goals and start being on time!  Messy? Then clean a little bit every day then the whole chaos won’t exist.

Too much of life is on the surface. I challenge you to enjoy life and take the time to smell the roses with me.  Commune with God and praise him for his handiwork.  Talk with him and listen.  He is waiting for attention from the frenzied way we can tend to live life.  WAKE UP!  START LIVING! A whole new horizon awaits!

new horizon