Stepping Out

A lot has been mentioned lately about faith, about stepping out, and having the courage to pursue the beckoning of the heart.  It seems that only God can speak to the deepest recesses of the heart.  The question is how am I to know what is the voice of God and the voice of myself.  He stirs the pot to catch my attention and teach me deeper truths. What once I did not recognize soon is seen and what was clear becomes fuzzy or even perhaps at times clearer.

That is where faith comes in.  Discernment is stepping out toward something with the faith that the answer will be made known.  It is not always just given in the lap what needs to be done.  It does take an active role to run toward our goals with a lot of prayer.  The danger is not stepping at all because of fear.  It is not failure when one finds closed doors but an invitation to walk deeper.  Perhaps with certain doors closing, an even greater option opens.

open door

You know what?  Sometimes it is even just an invitation to trust that we aren’t the ones in control but God is.  Humility…an open barren abandonment to just let God do as he desires.  If it takes isolation that takes work to come out of or sitting in the midst of a crowd so be it.  The Spirit moves as he wills to guide and direct us.  I am not saying this to be trite but to point out a truth that few ACTIVELY live out.  We may acknowledge his presence. But how much do we actually believe he can do and wants to do in us?  I have seen with my own eyes his quiet work and his noisy work.  I have seen the blind see the deaf hear the lame walk…and I have also seen him remove my own fears and change me even if it as simple as gaining a new confidence in the talents that he gives me or just a deeper appreciation of everyday life.

The Spirit is powerful. But he needs open channels to work.  Don’t be afraid of new opportunities that open up.   Don’t be afraid of the quiet possibilities.  God desires to move.  God desires to change.  What we have now is a great sleepiness an amnesia of the gifts of God.  Take time today to see how He has moved in your life and thank him.  Don’t refuse the quiet beckoning but step out in that new courage that he desires to pour out upon you.