The Rose of YOUTH

My help is in the Lord Our God.

Who made Heaven and Earth.

These words are the basis of everything. Do I really see this at the very core of my being?  It seems so difficult and yet so simple. The paradox of truth is that if I have not suffering I cannot have joy.  Take joy and rejoice in your youth.  Follow the vision of your eyes.  So what is the vision?  What do I want to do to follow you?  The BLOOM is in favor of the energy you desire to fill your people with.  Help me not get so stuck that I cannot move for this is shameful.


Life comes from freely pursuing the joy that is given me and seeking to live in communion and fullness. The details come and go but you are constant. Oh my lover, teach me to find the fullness of life in you!  Because fullness gives you pleasure. Give me the grace to accept myself for who you created me to be and the courage to face the challenges that face me. Positivity, negativity…let me find the middle road and love you in he exact moment that I exist.

Holy Spirit, still my body.

Holy Spirit, still my mind.

Holy Spirit, come to me.

Holy Spirit, open my heart.



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