There are many voices trying to persuade you to give up.

There are many voices trying to persuade you to not find your fullest potential.

My friend, this occurs every day and every day we must make the choice to stand against the tide.

I stand…I will not move until I am beckoned not by my power…

Not by my might

But by the Holy Spirit who dwells within me.


So what is this?  A Voice that is quiet where in stillness we must lay.

A Voice that flares not in huge and spectacular but the small and mundane.

A Voice of Common Sense…

This voice my friend always calls higher.

The question is, will you listen?

Fear…it exists.

It is natural.

But how can we fly if we are afraid to soar?

The thrill of flying is flying to God

Not for the sake of the thrill…

BUT for Love.

For if I have not love…I am


What is your Dream?

What is in your Heart?

Not emotion that fades

but Passion…

Only passion can succeed

when we “com” (with) passio (suffer)

But unless we turn our Gaze to the LOVER

And to his passion are yoked

We have…


BUT if I do not move when

The Holy Spirit calls…

Then I am…and have


Come Lover…

Transform my NOTHING

So that in you I become

with you



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