To What must I do?

What shall be done? Many things. But what is accomplished?

Here a restless energy yet tiredness.

Hope she comes…after trial.


Where is the answer sought?

For what purpose do I fear the Hand I shouldn’t.

His plans are not mine and yet

It is that molds me.


Honor? Glory? Pain?

Each in tide I fear yet desire.

Bursts of energy and then…nothing.

Why is it I want, what I do not want

And pine yet do not do?


Ideals are nothing unless they have feet.

Suffering is vain unless given for purpose.

Adoration? But to God alone in silence.

What matters it if men notice?


God give me grace to fight the unseen.

And help me stay the tide and and do more than float

But Abide.


Who but God can carry me?

Co-operate with the tides of grace

And Common Sense will find thee.

Little by little not by perfection bound.


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