The Rose of YOUTH

My help is in the Lord Our God.

Who made Heaven and Earth.

These words are the basis of everything. Do I really see this at the very core of my being?  It seems so difficult and yet so simple. The paradox of truth is that if I have not suffering I cannot have joy.  Take joy and rejoice in your youth.  Follow the vision of your eyes.  So what is the vision?  What do I want to do to follow you?  The BLOOM is in favor of the energy you desire to fill your people with.  Help me not get so stuck that I cannot move for this is shameful.


Life comes from freely pursuing the joy that is given me and seeking to live in communion and fullness. The details come and go but you are constant. Oh my lover, teach me to find the fullness of life in you!  Because fullness gives you pleasure. Give me the grace to accept myself for who you created me to be and the courage to face the challenges that face me. Positivity, negativity…let me find the middle road and love you in he exact moment that I exist.

Holy Spirit, still my body.

Holy Spirit, still my mind.

Holy Spirit, come to me.

Holy Spirit, open my heart.


Marriage Crucifix

Hmm. Such love! How true! No love is possible in any state and walk in life without being firmly grounded in this principle.

Imagine a world without divorce. Imagine families without separation. Imagine no children or hearts torn apart.

Marriage is the most challenging vocation there is and divorce everywhere is on the rise. Yet there is one small town in Europe that is an exception – a notable exception – to this disturbing statistic.

In the town of Siroki-Brijeg in Bosnia and Herzagovina, not one single divorce or broken family has been recorded in living memory among its more than 26.000* inhabitants! So what is the secret of their success?

The answer is the beautiful tradition the Croatian people of Siroki-Brijeg have for marriage. In fact the Croatian marriage tradition is beginning to take hold in the rest of Europe and America among devout Catholics who have seen the blessings it bestows!

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There are many voices trying to persuade you to give up.

There are many voices trying to persuade you to not find your fullest potential.

My friend, this occurs every day and every day we must make the choice to stand against the tide.

I stand…I will not move until I am beckoned not by my power…

Not by my might

But by the Holy Spirit who dwells within me.


So what is this?  A Voice that is quiet where in stillness we must lay.

A Voice that flares not in huge and spectacular but the small and mundane.

A Voice of Common Sense…

This voice my friend always calls higher.

The question is, will you listen?

Fear…it exists.

It is natural.

But how can we fly if we are afraid to soar?

The thrill of flying is flying to God

Not for the sake of the thrill…

BUT for Love.

For if I have not love…I am


What is your Dream?

What is in your Heart?

Not emotion that fades

but Passion…

Only passion can succeed

when we “com” (with) passio (suffer)

But unless we turn our Gaze to the LOVER

And to his passion are yoked

We have…


BUT if I do not move when

The Holy Spirit calls…

Then I am…and have


Come Lover…

Transform my NOTHING

So that in you I become

with you


To What must I do?

What shall be done? Many things. But what is accomplished?

Here a restless energy yet tiredness.

Hope she comes…after trial.

Where is the answer sought?

For what purpose do I fear the Hand I shouldn’t.

His plans are not mine and yet

It is that molds me.

Honor? Glory? Pain?

Each in tide I fear yet desire.

Bursts of energy and then…nothing.

Why is it I want, what I do not want

And pine yet do not do?

Ideals are nothing unless they have feet.

Suffering is vain unless given for purpose.

Adoration? But to God alone in silence.

What matters it if men notice?

God give me grace to fight the unseen.

And help me stay the tide and and do more than float

But Abide.

Who but God can carry me?

Co-operate with the tides of grace

And Common Sense will find thee.

Little by little not by perfection bound.