The New Normal

Welcome to a busy life.  Ever get the feeling you keep going and going and can’t find that happy medium of normalcy? It seems to me that this life is never normal.  You know what? This must be one of the number one myths! If I could just loose 2 more pounds I’de be happier! If I could just be less tired I could _____. If I could have more free time I would be happy! If I could just have a more de-cluttered space I could think better. If only I had a little more time for prayer and soaking in the word. OH! When will my life get back to normal?

🙂 You know what?  It won’t. Unless…I strive to better my circumstances little by little. BUT the “normalcy” isn’t one free from troubles and difficulties. There is the weak component of my human experience that requires a little toughening up by practice. Only after death, if I have lived my life righteously striving after God’s way and not my own can I hope to reach the perfection of heaven.  We’ve grown up in an age of Prince Charming comes marching in to save the day and meets the gorgeous Princess who now lives happily ever after. But happiness isn’t like that.  Yes it grows but like anything it takes a little work.

normal perfect

Happiness is an effect of good choices and decisions but here is the key. The CHOICE needs to be MADE and LIVED…not just once but constantly.  God does not delight in death he desires to give me new life and light and place a new spirit with-in me but I have to choose it or I get just stuck in my own little insecurities and woes not taking the step needed that would bring me freedom. God has the big picture and I get so stuck in the little things.

So block your time to DO the things that would make life more _______ if I did ________.


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