See I Make All Things New

Do not be afraid because I am here to make all things new.


How peaceful and consoling these words are. But they can’t take effect until we step in faith toward this hope.  We may not know why certain events happened in our life nor necessarily their purpose but we need to trust that the reason is held in God’s hands.

Mistakes in life? Keep choosing the wrong thing?  Be at peace. You need to trust with every fall you are learning to get up stronger and you know a little more than the last time. But I will never know what could have happened if I chose ______. No, but you can have a pretty good guess of what will happen now if your feet are in the right direction.

The details may not make sense now but in time they will. God is forth-right and doesn’t use clever and well thought out signs. He does give them but they are direct…simple.

The enemy brings:

1) Confusion 2) Fear 3) Unrest 4) Paralyzed Complacence

So what does God bring?

1) Lasting Peace 2) Silence 3) Joy 4)Hope

Just a note, God can use unrest and desolation to make us turn back to him if our feet are on the wrong path and the enemy can also use false peace. PRAY, WAIT WATCH for fruits. We are not going to know the voice overnight. Patience.

What if I know this is oppression of the enemy? Reject it in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ and by the power of his most precious blood. Old patterns take time to heal but God is faithful and He will deliver you.


I will cleanse you from all your idols and place a new heart within you. Taking your stony hearts and giving you natural hearts. I will bring you back from foreign lands and among foreign peoples. Careful to observe my decrees.


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