Let it Go

Following the Lord isn’t always easy.

What? I thought that once you said yes to him everything went smoothly and just became hunky dory.


Tell me then Miss Smarty, why is there difficulty in the walk of faith? God is a God of Love. He desires a oneness and a unity. He desires to give me happiness and strength and joy. Bliss.

Hmmm. Why? No one can say. I don’t know why. But I do know that what is Love unless we show it? How perhaps is the better question. God does desire to give you DEEP joy. But like anything, can it just happen?

God is just so powerful. He can do anything he chooses. Of course in learning something like music or writing or photography or what have you it takes practice. Why wouldn’t it? God is different though.

How so?

Well He just is. He directs everything. Orchestrates and things fall into place.

I see. I don’t think I like the sound of that God.


Sounds like that god is a bit harsh and uncaring.

No! That’s not true. I know I am infinitely loved by Him.

But how deeply? Is He one to just wave his benevolent hand like some magic fairy-godfather in the sky and all my troubles are away? Some fairy Prince who sweeps me off my feet and lives happily ever after? No. That is not the case at all. He is all powerful and he does orchestrate things. I would like to purpose that He makes an offering.  Do you think that he chooses just for the sake of pointing us in a direction? Here you go. Do this and you shall live. Otherwise, burn in hell. That would be taking away the choice in the matter would it not?

Whoa did you just say that?

Yes. Do you see what I am saying? That sounds a bit harsh. How could a God of deep love and magnitude just leave us proverbially hanging? Or should I say just give us the most amazing gift on a silver platter and just expect us to understand how to use it?

Well…ah. I am an adult. I should know by now and i’m still struggling!! Why then all this hardship?

Why? I don’t know why. But I do know He allows suffering to strengthen my love for Him.

That sounds harsh to me! How could this loving Father that cares honestly allow this? I must have done something wrong.


Yes, my dear, I make mistakes to. I can’t get it perfect the first time, can I? Doesn’t love take practice too? Think of one of your close friends. Can we just love and appreciate them right away? No. A full appreciation takes time. We learn how they do things. How their voice fluctuates in emotion. Wether it is teasing or serious. I am not implying He is not in control. He is. But it is we who choose to hold our imperfection and heartache like an “incurable wound.”

Oh my! I think I see what you are saying. But how can I get rid of this angst? I can be so horrible!

 Yes you can but so horrible that God can’t help you? Jeremiah 18:1-6. Soft clay in the potter’s hand that didn’t quite work right so he tries again. Doesn’t it make sense that God would want us to receive the good pleasure he has for us? Sin exists. Yes he says, “Repent you back-sliders!” But that language is for ones that aren’t listening and arrogantly follow their own way. It us who condemn ourselves.  Okay sorry! That is kinda a tangent. To answer your question more directly, Jeremiah  15…If you repent so that I restore you, in my presence you shall stand. If you bring forth the precious without the vile.


Let it go. Let it go let the waves and wind and sky….here I stand. Try to let go of the bitterness and fear. Forgive yourself and think of the good and the true and the beautiful that God so abundantly pours upon you in every situation. The past is just that. It doesn’t need to hold sway over you.  Whatever is good, whatever is beautiful whatever is true, think about these things.


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