I am Alone

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Hence begins a very familiar scripture passage. These words…why have you forsaken me? Do they not still ring true? What is it in you that holds back in fear and digs for yourself a broken cistern that can hold no water?  God’s will has no mistakes.  He cries out and sends out his will like water to the earth to complete his bidding.


Us humans get in the way. You know what? This is the time to renew oneself at his fountain.  God will turn again and take you in. Like a woman who married young and was forsaken…Desolate and Abandoned…yet GOD says “I will take you back. For a brief moment I abandoned you. I am your husband.”

These are covenant words. Abandonment. We all fear it in one way or another. Do not leave me! Drop me not and leave me not in the cold. I am so afraid of being alone! Well I have hope for you. God promises he will not leave you to the netherworld. How could he since he created you? Love is the freeing agent.  Think about this: true love…forgetfulness of self and a complete gift to the Beloved.  This is the unifying factor and in this is found oneness. This kind of love brings one to the very heights of heaven. How could the Maker allow you to truly slip from his grasp? If you hold onto me, how could I leave you?


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