So is this a sign?

Most of us would like to know exactly what we are supposed to be doing and have God say, “This is the way!!” Point blank… Black White no grey. Well now isn’t that a little interesting.  Where would be the love in that?


I’ve been reflecting a lot on on strengthening the spiritual muscles.  I had this to reflect on because of my love’s little tease on the phone the other night. “You want to know a little secret?” “Yeah.”

“Did you know I’ve been reacting to get you riled up so that you loose your words and have to practice expressing them?” (This of course meaning devil’s advocate) “You turkey!”

Wait a minute!! Hello! Doesn’t God do that? He sends little trials and tribulations my way to invite me to choose to follow him.  So many times they can be interpreted wrongly…as a no.

turn right

BUT what about this new answer. Look again. God if he’s not the one then can he have car trouble…Is he the one? “Yes…but how much do you really love him to go get him?” Is she for me? “Yes…but can you (this is to my fiance) grow a little by buying a more reliable car next time?”

I want to pay off a little debt. “Yes…but can you take on these extra shifts and hours even though you don’t feel like it?”

Half the time it is like, “Oh dear Jesus I’m going crazy?  Why all this hubbub?”  When the only thing that is happening is…”If you love me, show me. Here you go.”

I want to be a writer. “Yes but can you persevere through these computer problems and be intentional about writing by putting forth a good effort consistently?”

We ask for signs and yet sometimes they come in ways we don’t expect and we cry out, “God! You aren’t showing me!”

I say Lord if he’s the one why am I having reoccurring doubt? There is nothing blaringly obvious. That is a good question. Why? “How much do you love me? Can you show me? Choose your path. Get out of the dust. I am making all things new.”

Don’t get me wrong. It is good to be aware of the little things and listen to your gut but what I am trying to say is make sure you know where the “little things” are coming from. There is the existence of the evil one and we are silly if we believe every little thing (flea) to be a serious sign (dead dog) to turn this direction.  If that were the case we would be turning in circles. Life happens.  You’ll know a dead dog when you see one. So is this a sign? Yes. There is no mistake in what God allows. “If you love me show me.” Choose freely. Take your move and play your card.


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