Restore in Me a New Heart and Attitude!

New Creations Ministries


Years of being beaten down by life can take its toll on someone’s mind, body and spirit. Do you believe the whispers of the devil when he states you can’t be successful or you have no value? Lies. Satan wants you to self-destruct, destroying your bodily temple so others will look at you and have no desire to be a Christian. Why would someone ever desire to be a disciplined, honorable Christian if that person can’t control their own lifestyle? Would anyone ever wake up and profess, “Wow, I can’t wait to be as unhealthy as Esmeralda today?!”

Actually some do.

“Sylvester” at 550 plus pounds, was so heavy he had to be weighed on a postal scale. The physicians and I worked with him, encouraging a healthier lifestyle but to no avail. Each week only brought excuses. The doctors and I kept encouraging him, not charging for our services. Two doctors even purchased food and a hospital bed out of their own pockets. Nevertheless this man eventually went on The…

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