What a word. It stuck out to me a couple days ago and has stuck with me.

Unless you eat of the flesh of Man and Drink his blood you shall not have life within you.

Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies it remains but a single grain with no life.

These are words of Christ.  If this then that…it implies a cause and effect. So then the not counts too…again the power of choice with eternal consequences.

But I realized there is another unless.

Unless I put my hand in his side and fingers in the mark of his nails I will not believe.

This came from a regular mouth of a man.  A man who was searching. Instead of being with the community of his brothers was off somewhere.  Perhaps he was grieving…processing.  How could God just go and die and disappear?  And THEN before he could even get used to the idea all the sudden his brothers say… “HE IS ALIVE!!”

At first appearance, it seems that he is doubting.  Yet at the same time he questions. He wants to find out for himself the existence of the impossible.  God honors this, but first Thomas again needed to be with the community. Scripture says a week later. It took him time to arrive there.


Christ says: Peace be with you.

He approaches Thomas and calls him by name.

“Put your fingers where the nails have been and your hand in my side. You believe because you have seen me but blessed are those who believe without seeing.”

I have been seeing it is in the attitude.

Unless I get good sleep I get so grumpy.

Unless you help me move I can’t.

Unless you remove the blinders from my eyes then I can’t see.

Unless you hit me over the head I can’t hear.

Kinda discouraging when the eyes stay here…on the fact instead of the Person. It is important to recognize the unless. BUT it turns to doubt pretty fast.  What are my limiting factors?  God wants us to acknowledge these but not FOCUS on them. He does speak.

“My Lord and my God!”

What is my response?  Is it humility?


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