Are you Asleep?

Back we are!  Life is full as always!  I had a video all prepared for you on last week’s theme and then when I was just about all finished with editing I lost all my work except the video. (Thankfully!) So you’ll have to wait a little longer.  In reflecting for this week a new thought came to me over time.  This world is so full of those existential questions…but these questions seem to go…unanswered.  This culture is so full of questioning or the other extreme of no questions.

But what needs to happen in order to awaken this question?  It seems that we fall asleep.  HOPE! Trust that there is an answer for those who are patient enough to wait.

But I want the answer NOW! It is all very well to say that! It doesn’t sound like something I can actively do!

Hmm…Have you tried to listen?

Yes, all the time and HE doesn’t answer!

I see. But what direction pulls you?  Yes I know there is a thousand different directions, but what really pulls you?  Pay attention to the motions of your heart.  I don’t just mean if it feels good or not I mean a lot deeper.  Is there a deep abiding peace?  Is there joy?  Joy is much deeper than passing happiness. Because a drug addict can feel happy when he is high but he went after it by an immoral means.  True joy brings happiness sometimes but not necessarily in the way you might think.

So, God wants me to be happy?

YES!! Hope is trusting in what you do not see.  But something pulls you deeper.  DEEPER even than yourself.  I may not be an addict, but I have selfish prideful tendencies and always will…but the HOLY SPIRIT brings hope that day after day I will be better.  FOR PURPOSE is beyond myself. In heaven is the reward…but for a time we may have to undergo many trials to be strengthened for the hope that is your call. This is not a punishment but a call to deep love. To choose the best good.  Not just something good.  God does desire to bring you happiness in this life.  He will.  It is precisely through these trials that we do find JOY. It is to test how much we really trust and how far we really mean to choose to follow though we may not see. 


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