Hi all!

So far we’ve been talking about the need to have silence and silence in a disciplined way. Letting go of me and what I want to find the peace to move ahead.  Now I’d like to invite you a step deeper. It is only possible if you are willing. THIS WOULD BE….


I am weak and left to my own devices and trivial pursuits I flounder and fail.

So what does this take? You said willingness. Surely there is more? Sounds a bit risky and yet well, say more.

In order to move, one needs to know where you come from. Background. AND who you are as a person. (Personality, failures, BUT also good qualities).

That doesn’t help. I already know that.

Sure but do you really? Take alcohol for instance.  A glass of wine here or there causes no harm but when an unhealthy attachment exists then you can’t easily choose out of a sick mind to be better.  Take a relationship for instance.  A good healthy friendship is beautiful but what happens when one turns self-ish and starts choosing what one wants versus what will help the other? Isn’t that use and abuse?

Okay. But I’m not an addict and I also am generally nice.

🙂 Okay. The last time you went out to just be with a friend in need or with a friend rejoicing in a good gift was when?  What time-frame? What about even sharing a burden you posses whether uncontrollable or by your own choice? 

Generosity. Yes. That is what I would like to have but I’m still wanting more.  Cause even then I don’t have everything.

Good. Me too. But I can’t carry on unless I recognize I have a beam in my eye and need to work at getting it out. I also can get no-where if I am a victim of circumstance.  There is no chance in this world or fate or anything unless there is a higher purpose.  On my own I am nothing.  Left to my own I falter. There is a higher power which is God. This God loves me. DRASTICALLY!!
adoration femme

Drastically? What does he care?

Yes. He speaks he moves everyday.  Through people through scripture through events. He is gentle and does not force his love. He allows me to choose.  I’ll talk about this choice soon but now I have to go to work and do the most important thing which is love him in the Present MOMENT and CHERISH the GIFTS he gives me.

But this dialogue…

Will continue. Seek a little for yourself. He will come.  He will feed you and give you drink.  He will give you kind pasture.  He will let you know how he wants to love you. Like any good and Loving Father. Your well won’t run dry. Story soon to illustrate this. Promise.



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