What about Life?

Hey hello Good-Morning!

In this past week I’ve seen a lot about the fruits of trying to live in that quiet space.  You begin to find a Presence.  This Presence is very transforming.  Life sorta just wakes up and begins rolling through into a deep fullness.  In that FULLNESS comes JOY!!

It is all very well to say that.  Does this really exist?  What about MY life?  So much I would like to do and say and grow.

The first step is seeing you have a certain part of you that has desire that cannot be satisfied.  The World seems to have so many enticing options and chaos and schedules and events.  What more can I do to fill my time?  How can I find satisfaction right now?  Did my music upload? Did such and such get my e-mail or text? How about finding my voice?  How about building good relationships?  AHH! Work called me for the umpteenth time to fill an unexpected shift or if I can take this date or that.  OH Lesson-planning time.  Can’t think of any more words.  Phone rings. “You doing okay?” “No!” It’s a friend.  “Do this perhaps.”  Pretty soon a whole lot of noise exists and that bubble of chaos surrounds like a very dark cloud. Did I mention that my refrigerator is starting to get empty?  I propose to you the answer is do nothing.


Wait. What?  Did you just say do nothing?  That doesn’t make sense! How in the world could nothing build into something glorious?  What about my dreams and desires? Everyone knows you can’t build a building without first a certain amount of planning, purchasing land, doing research, finding options and when the best is found hiring your crew to clear the space and then begin laying the foundation! I want my life to be successful!  No thanks!

Hmm. I want you to have a successful life too.  I want you to have blessings and dreams and desires.  Pause for a second.  You are right about building a building.  But does it all exist at once?

Thank you.  Then I’ll just keep proceeding. Wait what?

Are you surprised?  Life can’t just happen all-at-once-everything-is-answered-now-I-can-move-on attitude! Give me more stuff.  That’s like going outside and trying to build in the first open space available and cutting down trees and trying to stack them on your own. Can’t get you anywhere efficiently and you just have a pile of random stuff. Doesn’t sound very organized. Looks kinda junkie.

Are you calling my life junkie? 

No.  Life is beautiful.  It is good.  A whole endless opportunity exists for you. But you have to be willing to take a risk. And count your chances. Time and space. That’s what it takes.

You just said though to do nothing.

Be willing, my friend, to DO nothing for as long as it takes.  Slow down. Clear your schedule of all the things that are not essential for the moment according to your responsibilities. Turn your phone on silent. Shut your laptop.  Find a pen. Sit down. Don’t move.  Life has too much motion to really have a focus. Ask those questions into the silence. Yes a lot of voices will try to answer you from past experience, current frustration, and failings/mistakes…other’s voices.  The cloud has to go or that empty feeling will keep building. That’s were sorting comes in…planning.

Okay. Now you really have me curious.

Good. That is an excellent place to start.  I’m not going to give you the full answer. You need to find it.  And you need to get to the core of the issue.  Soon you’ll find a Voice.  That steady calm one that brings peace, fullness, lasting joy.  All the sudden things start to happen. They make sense.  And a deep energy comes flowing out unexpectedly. We’ll talk later about the voices. What is essential is that you are consistent with DOING nothing. This is just the first step.  Fill your life with the willingness to let go.  Order begins to evolve.  Direction.  Can that just happen on it’s own power?


4 thoughts on “What about Life?

    • Hello,
      Thank YOU! What do you do for your ministry in India? Any specific needs you would like “covered?” Today I was praying specifically for you. Thank you for your posts too. There was a number of times where they helped me. Especially a week ago. Blessings!

      • Hehe i am not from India, sweetheart. I’m from Honduras. Thank you SO much for praying for me. I believe prayers are the best gifts. Will also keep you in my prayers. Thank you for being my sister in Christ. 🙏❤️God bless you!

        P.S. So happy to hear my posts have helped you. Thank God!

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