The Pathway to Peace

Interior Silence…Hmmm.  In this world is there really silence?  I don’t just mean a lack of noise  but a true interior quiet that is active and listening.  This can be a hard pathway to reach.  When one is on this road to interior quiet, many noises try to present themselves.  Even thoughts and plans can serve as yet another noise to distract us from the most important thing…the Voice of the Good Shepard.

He promises we will know his voice because the sheep know when their master calls.  “I am the Good Shepard who lays down his life for his sheep. Anyone who does not come in through the gate is a thief and a robber.”  In ancient times the gate to the sheepfold was not made of wood or stone but the body of the Shepard himself. To enter the fold of this Keeper we must listen for his voice and come when he calls.


Do you doubt his presence?  Is there really sense in this chaos of a thousand words and beeps of the cell=phone or facebook? This place of peace can only be reached with the effort to listen.

How?  You may be asking. Is it really so simple?

Yes and No.

We proceed only as far as we try and it is easy to get distracted from the way before us.

Don’t believe me? Try these.

1. Rest. Make a conscious effort to turn off the cell-phone and the computer and stop your daily hubbub and just sit. You choose this place but it is helpful if there is a minimal amount of back ground noise. It’s even okay if you fall asleep.  In fact do this if you are tired. Your body will then be in a better mind-frame.

2. Don’t come with a planned agenda for your silence.  Open up and see what happens. When you have begun do not give up. Set a time and build gradually as you are inspired. Read Scripture and let it be your food.

3. Write a letter of all the doubts fears concerns that are on your plate right now and leave it before God.

4.Take a Thank You walk and have an attitude of gratitude for even the littlest things that catch your eyes.

5. Just SIT.  Look out the window or across the lake or wherever you are and Thank God for the Gift of being you.  Ask His forgiveness for all the times you have not been true to yourself and ask Him to heal these places of unrest and hurt that still exist in your heart.

You will be amazed when you begin to climb this pathway. You begin to encounter a presence and this presence brings you to a new a deep place of peace and joy that you never thought possible.

Tell me if it doesn’t work.


3 thoughts on “The Pathway to Peace

  1. Jacinta, this post couldn’t be more timely. My husband and I are flying out to interview for a pastor’s position in another state. We feel a calling, have a peace about it and are their #1 choice. If we all agree that my husband is the best “fit” for the position we will have it. The challenge is logistics – we must be patient and wait for the congregation’s decision and it probably won’t happen while we are there. Logistically we enjoy moving but all must be in order to do so. Thank you for this post and your prayers to patiently wait on the Lord’s timing because His is best. Blessings,

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