Human Expression

You know what?  Sometimes I feel that Human Expression is a little overrated and not practiced.   In the beginning, we were made male and female. We were created differently and we express ourselves differently. The man is the leader and protector (antenna), the woman the receiver and tabernacle. One is steady and exist-able (on or off) and the other emotive and expressive (roller coaster). But I forget that before the fall, humanity was a complete and pure expression and symbol of God’s love within us and around us and for us. The reality of Eden shaped the history of the human race…

With the fall, it is so easy to forget how gracious and loving God is.  With sin our vision becomes clouded.  We have suffering. We have death.  We have work.  But this isn’t a form of punishment…it is a consequence of choice. Choice that I put myself on the pedestal of God. That’s not natural! I’m finite with an immortal soul created in His image and He is INfinite and always existing. God gave me my body with an immortal soul that HE made.  MY FLESH is good because God made it and Redeemed it by becoming man like me in all things but sin.

With Christ’s sacrifice we are made holy and these consequences become worth something when united to Him because they grow our love for Him and our choice to follow Him. (The theological term for this is divinized like God but not HIM.)

Every little detail of our Existence matters.  It is a communion and expression of a deeper reality.   That means the everyday is sanctified!  Every detail becomes an expression of love. You know what?  It is natural to respond to circumstance with emotion and it is even greater when these are channeled and not given free reign.Things happen in life that shape and mold us into the best version of how God intends us to be.

Of course, I don’t always choose to express well my love.  Of course my perception gets skewed.  BUT it is a must to voice how I see things so that I can encounter truth.  “I feel irritated because my car is in the shop…” or “I feel so very blessed and happy because my book is on the way to being finished and I HAVE a WHOLE bunch of my Grandma’s unpublished stories to polish and release and finish!”  “I feel angry because someone said this and it hurt.” “I feel peaceful and serene with this decision.” “I feel so energetic after that walk!” There is a whole gamete of positive and negative emotions and in and of themselves they are not bad things and they pass.  It is what I do with them.  Emotions can empower me to do great things.  They put wind in my sails to strive for something greater than myself.  Something or more accurately SOMEbody beyond me.

In the same light, they can also be the biggest blocker to success.  “I feel so afraid I can’t even think straight!”  “I feel so tired I don’t want to do anything!”  “I’m so angry I could just bite his/her head off!” These of course need channeling and the gift of Reason…God didn’t make me an animal. I can’t stop my emotions but I can decide what to do with them otherwise the Pressure cooker effect occurs when they are hidden and stuffed in more ways than one; Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally.

Things can build up pretty fast and in the end cause great damage if not acknowledged and given up. Isn’t it better to have things in the light than to be blocked off so the pressure builds and in the end blows up anyways?  If I don’t recognize where things stand, how can I move forward efficiently and level-headedly? I can choose the good.  In this is great FREEDOM. Not just because I have the power to choose so many things but because the more I do what I aught the more free I am to love and the more truly I can express WHO I am. I am created to love and be loved!

Does that mean I go around wearing my emotions on my sleeve?  No!  That would be like walking naked down the street.  But intimacy involves being vulnerable.  Naked without shame before God.  Friendship mirrors our relationship to God and is a human symbol of His love for us. In fact it is MORE than this.  It is a participation in God’s love for you and for me! BUT I need to express and live it out in different degrees according to the level. (ie. my best friend or family member versus a co-worker or acquaintance) An even more visible sign of that communion, is marriage. It is one of the best “signs” of this love between God and Man. But it is built on friendship. You can’t have one without the other.

God  CREATED ME FOR COMMUNION. He wants me to have THE FULLEST participation in the wedding feast. This is Heaven. And it is for real…



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