Jesus You Take Over

Where is the world going?  In talking to close friends, and even in my own life and family, recently it seems that a lot is being stirred up whether it is bad news, spoiled hay, added expenses, reconciliation/quarrel between friends, cancer, natural disasters, health problems, death…so much all pressed together.  Little challenges or big ones.  It is a fair question.  With all these big or small things how do I take them?  Of course I could throw a royal two year old temper tantrum.  Sure it may relieve my nerves for a bit but that does not bring lasting relief.  I suppose I could even do nothing but that doesn’t guarantee safety or success in solving my problems. You know what else?  I can even do the other extreme.  THINK THINK THINK I am bound to come up with some solution.  But at the end of the day this leaves me empty, afraid, and alone.

I can be so hard on myself with the extreme of DO DO DO.  When all it requires is one thing.

Jesus I abandon myself to you.


Mother Mary, Guide Me



Close your eyes. Say it.


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