Good Morning America


Good Morning America.

Just wanted to introduce myself.  I suppose that you all are wondering, another blogger among many?  Good grief! Do we need more?  That is probably the question going through your head. And if not, it should be. 🙂 I don’t want this blog to be like every other blog out there.  I want a place of vision, excitement, and inspiration.  A place to bounce ideas and move your mind to the important role that you play.  I WANT it to be a springboard of new ideas; outside the box and in a perspective that hasn’t been thought of before.

So many things happen in life that confuse, drag down, and blind us.  I want to bring you to place of freedom and rest from the crazy hubbub of everyday life to a newer sense of vision.  I want to be for you an instrument of change and inspiration for YOU to move to greater heights.  I’m no motivational speaker but a simple minded soul who has lived life and desires to live it to the full. Perhaps by sharing some small part of my story, I can help yours be better.

I hope that as you read this blog, you can encounter God and find him.  If you are not the Christian type then I hope that you can still find something here for there will be gems for everybody. I may not have a big voice, but I hope to be a still breeze of refreshment.  For everyday greatness is found in the little things not in great acts. I promise to be true and not to distort facts but just tell you in a simple forward way. Okay, I will admit it won’t always be easy speaking for truth…but that noisy voice of fear paralyzes and gets in the way of success. Sure, I know I will make mistakes and have to come back and redraft and redo…But for me it will be worth it. Who can really deny that it takes only the wings of a butterfly to start a tsunami?


My regards and Thanks for coming!

Jacinta Knuth


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