At times everything is a battle from the moment of getting up until bedtime. These kind of days are tough. But it is important to remember that little steps of progress make our Lord happy. He says, “Come to me and do not give in to your fears. Tell me your worries but do not collapse under them.”

Three steps to be victorious! 1) Acknowledge the difficulty 2) Give it to God 3) Take a decisive step of action.

We know the difficulty far too well. The challenge is to be able to let it go and not let it define us or give us license but instead hand it over to the Lord and remain steadfast and true.

Doing little things of love in the moment help carry us beyond ourselves and over to victory. When we look too far ahead it seems insurmountable. Celebrate the small successes and live in the peace of Christ trusting that there is a purpose for everything this side of heaven. And God can bring good out of it. Perhaps the suffering of the moment is a preparation for a blessing we might not have been able to receive otherwise. Let it bring you close to Jesus and those people in your life.

All of this is an exercise of the will since feelings change. True integrity is sticking it out to completion and showing up at your post. Do not cease praying and try to increase your time with the Lord.

Battle Cry

Oh the thirst of my heart,
Reaches endless halls,
What I have done,
Flies like a dart.
Strength that I need, come.

Where lies the power?
What does my heart call for?
Hungry my soul,
But the clouds dire.
Strength that I need, come.

How can I battle,
The forces that attack,
Dark as the wings of the storm,
Fiercer than the strongest beast,
My walls to sack?

To fight I need weapons strong.
Multitudes from on high.
A bastion, a song,
The battle cry.
Strength that I need, come.

Who do I have?
Numbers to count,
Unity to bind,
Gathered with my brother,
It fights with more than I can find.
But I need more.

Myriad forces I cannot see,
My only dart becomes more,
Arrows fly,
The enemy falls.
Not with my own strength,
But God’s.
My community.
Strength that I need has come.

Death Conquers

We want peace and yet there is terror on every side. What does this mean? It means that in hardship we must cry out to the Lord. It means we should not lose heart. Though the world may be falling apart there is victory in the cross. What does it promise?

I will be with you always till the end of the world and the gates of hell shall not prevail over you. That means no matter how dark it gets, Jesus still is in our midst. He promises to go before us and we have only to follow.

My heart must be set in the victory of Christ or else I lose. He always keeps His promises and so I can be at peace. I have only to look to Him and show the radiance He gives through me even if I’m not feeling very radiant. He rose from death so what have I to worry about? Death conquers by life.

Be not afraid. I go before you always. Come follow me and I will give you rest.

Rays of Mercy

It isn’t always clear
The path we travel on,
But we travel on.
And the voices we hear.
Beckoning on.

Looking for the signposts pointing,
A direction for our traveling.
A tumult they create,
These voices churning.
Which to listen to?

Yet as I cry out,
A Vision is given,
Grace for the next step.
But the tears remain,
Fallen on the trail of tears,
A world of broken glass.

Fragile I may seem to fail,
But light and rain be given,
By those drops come green.
Taken by the Wounds
Relieved by streams
A torrent from the Spring.

In one word Resurrection,
Yet first comes blood.
On the altar laid.
But it is already paid.
My choice to travel on,
The path that has been already tread,
Comes with turmoil.
Comes with peace.
Comes with red,
Open from the side,
Beams of white and red,
A Baptism of blood.

So I claim what way I travel,
Through broken glass,
A broom.
My vision faint,
But ever more clear,
What I hold most dear.